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2nd Euronext Pan European Days - New York, May 19-21, 2014

In succession of the inaugural Pan European Days in 2013, which welcomed in total over 400 high-level delegates, the 2nd edition has been organised again in 2014 from May 19-21 in New York. The main purpose of this three-day conference was to highlight the recovery of the European economies during a European American Economic Forum with keynote speakers and panel discussions. In addition, a one-on-one investor conference has been organised with European brokers to introduce Euronext listed companies from Belgium, France, Portugal and the Netherlands to institutional investors in North America.

Please find an overview with pictures and video on the separate highlights page


On Monday May 19, the Pan European Days celebrated its start with a European American Economic Forum on Europe, with high-level government officials and economy experts. Additionally, in the evening Euronext was the host of a cocktail reception on the Wall Street trading floor.


The Pan European Days continued on May 20 & 21 with the Opening Bell ceremony at NYSE Euronext on May 21 at Wall Street, followed by a one-on-one investor conference at The Waldorf Astoria hotel.

There were 4 European brokers involved:

- ING: hosting Dutch companies
- KBC: hosting Belgian companies
- Millennium BCP: hosting Portuguese companies
Société Générale: hosting French companies

Approximately 500 one-on-ones and small group meetings have been scheduled over two days. Most of the meetings were planned in advance.

Around 50 Euronext listed companies from Europe have participated in the investor conference.


For further information please contact:
Marcel Schulze m.schulze@tradinfo.com
  +31 624 869 475
Claudia Nanni c.nanni@tradinfo.com
  +32 489 905 180
NYSE Euronext  
Caroline Block cblock@nyx.com
  +33 1 49 27 17 28
Representing broker for:

nl Dutch companies: ING

Eva van Groen eva.van.groen@ingbank.com
+31 20 563 8534
Hélène van Loon helene.van.loon@ingbank.com
  +31 20 563 8356
belBelgian companies: KBC Securities
Hubert Dubrule Hubert.Dubrule@kbcsecurities.com
+1 212 845 2274
Sofie Van Gijsel Sofie.Vangijsel@kbcsecurities.com
  +1 212 541 0648
ptPortuguese companies: Millennium BCP

Issuers contact Millennium BCP:

Luis Feria lferia@millenniumbcp.pt
  +35 121 113 2103

Investors contact Auerbach & Grayson:

Elena Castro ecastro@agco.com
  +1 212 453 3540
fr French companies: Société Générale
Monica Ramirez monica.ramirez@sgcib.com
+1 212 278 7173
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